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A union can’t force nonmembers to pay for its political causes, the Supreme Court rightly reaffirmed.” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Using virtual reality the Supreme Court’s and the editorial board’s logic regarding unions accessing special dues for political reasons, corporations should be required to get an “opt-in” before contributing shareholders’ money to a “political campaign they didn’t support.” If, as the court majority stated, “This aggressive use of power [by unions] is indefensible,” it should also be for corporations.

If corporations had to follow the same rules as everyone else instead of all the favored considerations bestowed on them by the Supreme Court and

dreams for 2026 into a reality.

lets not forget the connection that can be  made using virtual reality 

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Look at the Big Picture. Your finances at their worst can feel like a constant uphill battle, and at their best can give you the energy to design the life you want. So if becoming a homeowner is a dream of yours, start by creating a five-year savings plan and visiting your local credit union to learn about mortgage options. Because credit unions are not-for-profit, you’ll find that they can often offer lower rates and more options than traditional banks. Their personalized service will also make the end goal less intimidating.